Our Story


Interos is changing how the world does business by helping organizations identify, see, and act on the potential ripple effects to their global supply chains.


We visualize and model potential outcomes to supply chains, before they happen, delivering transparency, intelligence, and action.


Interos has a team of supply chain experts, AI gurus, data scientists and analysts who are helping organizations change the world one supplier at a time.

Jennifer Bisceglie CEO

Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO, founded Interos 14 years ago with the vision that organizations needed to see their supply chains on a map, and be able to easily act on potential ripple effects—before they happen.  With that vision and personal investment, Jennifer grew Interos from her dream into a thriving profitable company with top ranked public and private sector companies across the United States.  

She has more than 25 years of specialized experience in Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM), Vendor Risk Management, Big Data Analytics, Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Strategy.  

She has won numerous leadership awards, spoken to Congress, served on trade missions, and has been a featured speaker in the press. In addition to running Interos, Jennifer travels the globe to promote economic opportunities with Quantum Leaps of the Nation’s Capital and Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) International.


We deliver data and analytics that allow business leaders to identify, visualize and act confidently on the ripple effects that could impact their supply chains, before they happen.  

Using billions of real-time inputs from over 85,000 live aggregated sources worldwide, the Interos AI platform reveals new risks and opportunities by modeling positive and negative interactions and outcomes, and measuring supply chain health.  

Located in Arlington, VA, Interos is privately held company, recently funded by Kleiner Perkins, with commercial and public-sector customers in finance, consumer products, food, defense, intelligence, manufacturing, retail, and technology.