The Ripple Effect

Interos’ AI platform, SCRMage, identifies and visualizes the widespread impact of seemingly isolated events, i.e. ‘the ripple effect’. Then, the platform tells you what happened, what could happen and what to do. 

We can’t control the world, the weather or natural disasters. We can’t control how people act or react within it. But what happens if we could model relationships so that when something does occur, we can size and date the impact, globally, no matter what industry or where you are geo-located.


  • Build assurance into your supply chain networks—uncover uncertainty and risk.
  • Accelerate your supply chain—improve efficiency and resiliency.
  • Turn your supply chain into advantage—find new market opportunities and competitive advantage.

Visibility & Mobility

  • Our visualization makes it easy to spot a potential issue – or opportunity – with time to take action.
  • You can carry us around on your mobile devices and have the what, when and how much with you at all times.

Ripple effects impact your global supply chain


NotPetya was the most devastating cyber attack in history. 

Ripple Effect
Global revenue loss of +1.2 billion to companies like FedEx, Maersk, and Merck. 


Samsung Note 7 battery fires 2016. 

Ripple Effect
Samsung battery crisis cost company 26+ billion. 



Japan tsunami and earthquake. 

Ripple Effect

Toyota posts $2 billion loss. 

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